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Mentorship Programs in South Africa

Four Reasons to Register as a Mentee in One of the Mentorship Programs in South Africa

If you have not yet considered applying to become a participant in one of the top mentorship programs in South Africa, consider the benefits of learning from one of the legends in your specific field of interest.

  1. Personal Experience

One hour with a mentor can be more valuable for the start-up entrepreneur than 20 hours of class time. Real-life experience is shared at such mentorship programs in South Africa. Instead of sitting behind a desk while taking notes and trying to remember some of the information shared by lecturers, you can learn what nobody puts in academic books. True, good education forms the solid foundation of knowledge, but once you are out there trying to make it work, you can benefit from the expertise offered by industry leaders, and more so through one-on-one mentorship programs in South Africa. Such an industry leader helps put your theoretical knowledge into practice. See it as beyond-the-classroom teaching. Only, it is a 2-way communication channel. You both share insights and as such, both benefit from perspectives, ideas, and experience.

  1. Honest Input

Ask your friends and family members for advice or critique and you will receive one of two responses. The first is filled with negativity and warnings about failure. The second is that of blind support and what they think you want to hear. When you participate in The Mentorship Challenge, one of the most innovative mentoring programs in South Africa, you gain the benefit of honest critique and advice. Indeed, the objectivity of the mentor is what you need rather than opinions. The mentor speaks from experience and a successful background. As such, you receive guidance that you can trust.

  1. Trusted Direction

Have you ever asked a person for direction to a specific destination and ended up receiving confusing instructions? This does not happen when you work with an experienced mentor. Such a person knows when to give guidance, how to lead you to the correct contacts, provide support, and assist in developing your skills and insight. You thus get a nudge in the right direction.

  1. Network Building

How long do you think it would take you to develop an extensive network of important and valuable contacts in your field of interest? This is regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or someone working hard at building a career. It takes tremendous time and effort. Mentorship programs in South Africa make it possible to meet industry gurus, expand your knowledge base, develop a valuable network faster, and build trusting relationships.

Where to Get Such Mentoring

The next and most important step is to join one of the best mentorship programs in South Africa. The Mentorship Challenge provides such an opportunity. Simply complete the online application to ensure you are matched with the right industry guru. Some of the mentors already participating in this innovative approach in developing the leaders of the future are:

  • Marc Lubner – CEO of Afrika Tikkun and Executive Chairman of the Smile Foundation.
  • Judge Bernard Ngoepe – Judge President of the Pretoria High Court.
  • Mauritz Lotz – music legend, composer, producer, and solo artist.
  • Dawie Roodt – founder and chief economist of the Efficient Group and anchor presenter at Ontbytsake.
  • Jane Trembath – legendary for becoming the youngest Boeing pilot for SAA.
  • Grace Harding – CEO of Ocean Basket Group.

These are only a few of the leaders who have pledged their time to guide, inspire, teach, and work with the leaders of tomorrow. Many more names form part of the list and you will have the opportunity to learn and partner with one of the participating mentors. Sign up now to start your journey to greatness.