Featured mentors

Grace Harding

Grace Harding has over 20 years of experience across a number of business disciplines.

She is currently CEO of the Ocean Basket Group and plays the role of driving the vision for the shareholders and creating meaning for all its stakeholders. Her expertise include employee engagement, leadership development, business strategy, marketing, and change management.

Grace is an inspirational leader, with a passion for what she does. Grace’s track record and reputation is also an inspiration to young business women and entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the highly competitive world of business.

Dawie Roodt

Dawie Roodt is a founder, director and chief economist of the Efficient Group. Dawie’s latest role is that of chairman of Efficient Private Clients, of which Efficient Group is the majority shareholder.

Dawie is a nationally renowned economist, with over 30 years’ experience. He specialises in monetary and fiscal policy and is involved with the management of client asset portfolios.

Dawie is ranked the most referenced economists in the country and received the prestigious Economist of the Year Award by Sake24, a media house.

He has also been the anchor presenter of the television programme Ontbytsake for the past 13 years. Dawie has presented more than 800 television, and 1 500 radio programmes, and is also the author of Tax, Lies and Red Tape, 2013.

Jane Trembath

At the age of 23, Jane Trembath became the youngest Boeing pilot for South African Airways. Jane also became only the second female captain in South African Airways’ history.

She managed to accomplish many milestones as a pilot. At 28, she officially became the first woman pilot in South Africa to qualify on a Boeing 747-400. At 36, she was the captain and commander of the first large airline all-female crew. The 6 women crew flew from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth and back. At 42, she became the first South African woman pilot to command long-range international flights.

Captain Trembath is part of our nation’s history as a pioneer and remains an inspiration to all women in all industries.

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