More about the show

More about the show

Broadcast weekly on Fridays on eNCA (DStv Channel 403) at 22:45, this 13-part TV show will be hosted by the inimitable Marc Wainer, and will unpack the notion of mentorship, matching mentors and mentees in a remarkable partnership. The show provides an unparalleled platform for top leaders to create a legacy through mentoring and shaping the journeys of the budding business trailblazers of tomorrow.

A conversation with titans

The mechanics of the show are simple: There’ll be a topical conversation with Marc on the pressing issues of the day, followed by a detour of a more personal nature, where Marc will engage guests on the mentors, moments and chance meetings that moulded them into the titans they are today.

A pledge with purpose

Perfectly positioned to become the most exciting part of the show, Marc – with incomparable charisma – will gently ‘pressure’ these mentors to pledge personal time to carefully chosen mentees in their particular areas of expertise. And he’ll also be encouraging his guests to challenge their peers to match their mentorship pledges.

The power of mentorship hours

Behind the scenes, mentors and mentees will make contact and schedule sessions together. And these stories of both partnership and mentorship will be incorporated into the show.

Carve a path to success

Marc is the perfect host for the show, as he embodies the idea that even when faced with few resources, you can still succeed. In a country where so many eager youngsters simply don’t have access to resources, raw talent, sheer guts and the guiding hand of a leadership guru can carve you a path out of poverty to success.