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The power of pledges

With Season 2, mentors will pledge to mentor a given number of mentees. And, behind the scenes, mentors and mentees will make contact and schedule sessions together through their chosen method of communication. In the time-constrained world of business leadership, The Mentorship Challenge provides a bank of beneficial mentoring sessions to fast-track entrepreneurship and employability. And, beyond that, it is mentorship, finally, that is at the heart of all good business.

Building business leaders for the future!

Pledge with a purpose

The most exciting part of the show, of course, is when Marc – with incomparable charisma – gently ‘pressures’ his guests to pledge their commitment to mentoring a number of hand-picked mentees. And, through a peer challenge, he encourages his guests to challenge their peers, in turn, to match or surpass their mentorship pledges.

Take up the challenge. Change lives!

Season 2 sees The Mentorship Challenge step out of the studio and into the real world, with LIVE broadcasts from key events, business schools and campuses across SA.

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