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About The Mentorship Challenge

Whether you’re a seasoned leader looking to pass on a lifetime’s worth of wisdom, or an ambitious beginner eager to gain insight into the psyche of top business legends, look no further than The Mentorship Challenge, with Marc Wainer. This online portal offers you the perfect platform to meet, engage and exchange business ideas and perspectives. Register now to apply as a mentor or mentee.

The True Power of Mentorship

In a country facing what is commonly termed a ‘crisis of leadership’, the moment has arrived for business leaders to step into the breach and provide aspirational leadership models for future generations. This is the true power of mentorship, which delivers not just a public service, but a significant social intervention.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

The Mentorship Challenge enables thought leaders to share those nuggets of wisdom and insight that you won’t find in any business manual. It’s all about those personal instincts and invaluable lessons learned on the road to success, and it’s about leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. And for bright young beginners seeking guidance and direction, this is an unprecedented opportunity to meet the giants of industry, and learn lessons right from the source.

A Bank of Beneficial Hours

But, more than this, The Mentorship Challenge serves as a catalyst towards creating a culture of mentorship in corporate South Africa. In the time-constrained world of business leadership, The Mentorship Challenge provides a bank of beneficial hours to help build future leaders and businesses. And, beyond that, it is mentorship, finally, that is at the heart of all good business.

The Power of Mentorship Hours

And so, we invite mentors and mentees to make contact and schedule sessions together. And these stories of both partnership and mentorship will be incorporated into the show.

About the show

As seen on TV and YouTube, this 18-part show is hosted by the inimitable Marc Wainer, and unpacks the notion of mentorship, matching mentors and mentees in an unprecedented partnership. The show provides an unparalleled, enabling platform for top leaders to create a legacy though mentoring and shaping the journeys of the budding business trailblazers of tomorrow.

More about Marc

Armed with a matric and enough confidence to fill a mall, Marc grew from humble origins to the industry giant he is today. Along the way, it was the wisdom of others that helped to nurture those entrepreneurial seeds – particularly his wise and wonderful grandmother, Sarah Rubinsky, who confirmed then what the world knows now: “There’s no university in the world that gives a degree in common sense. And you’ve got common sense. So, go out, work, start a business.” And he did. Spectacularly well.